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  1. We have a live dispatcher 11AM to 3AM Friday and Saturday and 11AM to 1AM Sunday through Thursday. The best way to book a ride (and also get a quote) is to phone our dispatcher at 604-757-5900.
  2. Using this form to book a ride is ONLY submitting a request that will NOT BE CONFIRMED until the dispatcher sees your request and phones you to confirm all details. Thus, there will be no ride booked without a phone call, so please phone us to save time and increase the accuracy of your reservation. By phoning to make a reservation, you will know immediately if we have a slot available and immediate confirmation can be given.


How to use:

  1. Create a simple account or Login
  2. Login
    • Pickup location – start typing address and keep typing until you can choose the pickup address from the drop down menu
    • Drop-off location – start typing address and keep typing until you can choose the drop-off address from the drop down menu
    • Date: Select the pickup date up to 364 days in advance.
    • Time: Select the time you want to be picked up. (NOTE: you must book at least 6 hours in advance. )
    • Promo Code – If you have a coupon number, enter it here
    • Driver instructions. Please tell us if you have a manual transmission, give us all the addresses for dropoffs, and any special instructions for your driver.
    • Click on “Get Quote” to get your fare estimate. NOTE: the actual fare will be what is measured by the Taximeter APP the driver will activate on their cell phone. You will be shown the fare at the end of the trip.
    • Click on “Schedule Now” to book your ride.



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