captains designated driver employment

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Employment Opportunities:

  1. Designated Drivers and Chase Drivers.
  2. Experienced dispatchers.


Job Descriptions and Requirements:

Designated Drivers and Chase Drivers

We send 2 drivers in one car to where our client is. The “Designated Driver” gets out and drives the client home in their vehicle and the “Chase Driver” follows. This gets the client and their vehicle home safe and sound and protects all others on the road.

As we work in teams of 2, you must apply with a partner, preferably someone who lives with you or close to you.

These positions are perfectly suited for retired or semi-retired couples looking for extra income and something interesting to do, university and college students in need of great income earned at times that won’t interfere with your studying and anyone looking for an interesting and rewarding position.

We supply all training, all technology, all supplies and clothing (jackets, shirts/blouses and hats). You supply a smartphone and one car per driver pair (fuel costs and allowance for wear and tear paid to car owner).


Part Time drivers: You start by driving Saturday nights beginning about 9pm or 10pm and driving until 3am or 4am. Progress to Thursday and Friday nights. Golf tournaments, weddings and special events as needed. Part Time drivers average $28 per hour each after the gas is paid for plus an allowance paid for wear and tear is given to the car owner.

Full Time Drivers: Full time drivers set their own days and rank highest in our seniority system.



Designated Drivers. Class 5 or higher Driver’s License, a relatively clean driving record and be able to pass a criminal record check.

Chase Drivers. Class 5 or higher Driver’s License (Can be “N”), a relatively clean driving record and be able to pass a criminal record check.

To get your ICBC Driving Record and Insurance Record click here. Please email ICBC Driving Record to captain@backup.captainsdd.com

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Experienced dispatchers. If you’re an experienced dispatcher used to scheduling rides with various pickup and drop-off places and times and used to using Google Maps to calculate the time it takes to get from one point to another we are always interested in talking to you. Great dispatchers who can think logically under time pressure are a rare commodity.


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NOTE: Please DO NOT PHONE. Fill out the form and submit with your ICBC Driving Record and Insurance Record that you get from click here.

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