captain's designated driver frequently ask questions


Captain’s Designated Drivers FAQs


Captain’s Designated Driver Corp. was incorporated on September 23, 2014.
We accept cash, credit and debit cards (tap under $100), Apple Pay and Android Pay. We do not charge an extra fee for credit card payments as some other companies do.
The switchboard opens at 11AM daily to take reservations and closes when the majority of the bars in your area close. Please check Google for the hours in your area. NOTE: You can request a pickup time for times when the switchboard is closed, subject to driver availability.
No. GST is included in the fare.
Yes. If you don’t have time to wait, went elsewhere with friends or just need a vehicle driven from point A to point B, we can take care of that. We do it all the time.
No. We drive customers for any number of reasons: fatigued, sick, home from medical or eye appointments, getting your vehicle out of impound or delivering your vehicle to the shop.
We need to calculate how long it will take to complete each safe ride so that we can make and keep a schedule our drivers can stick with. Dropoffs add significantly to the time it takes to complete the safe ride, so getting all addresses is important.
Maybe. Ask your drivers by giving them the addresses you want to dropoff at. If your drivers feel they can complete your dropoffs and stay on schedule they may agree. If not, the worst case scenario is your drivers will drive everyone to your home and they can take taxis, Uber or Lyft from your home to get to their home.
I can’t tell you how many times our customers have taken a taxi home or hopped in with a friend and forgot to cancel their safe ride with us.
All of our drivers can drive standard transmissions (some better than others) but please tell us at the time of making your reservation and we will attempt to assign one of our more experienced drivers to you.
Our drivers are independent contractors, not employees. This means that in the event of a potential claim, you must deal with your driver, not Captain’s Designated Drivers Corp.
Vehicle owners have the legal right to give care and control to anyone they choose. By booking a safe ride with us, our driver is covered by your insurance policy.
The server for our dispatch system is located in Wisconsin USA.
I don't know if we have that phone number elsewhere (except on screen shots in "How It Works) that we will change later.
The driver is liable for all moving violations.
We supply all our drivers with blue tooth earpieces that allow the drivers to answer their phone “hands free” and talk “hands free”, even while driving.
Correct. Our DNS (Do Not Serve) list. At the end of each ride the drivers rate the customer on a scale of 1 to 5 and submit a report for each ride rated “1”. You will receive a phone call to get your side. You will also be told if you are placed on the DNS list. After more than 5 years in business we only have 30 people on our Do Not Serve List.