Flexible Pickup Times

captain's designated driver flexible pickup times


Flexible Pickup Times – Perhaps Our Greatest Advantage


The Problem: “I am going out tonight and I want to reserve early to take advantage of the 20% Saving BUT I don’t know exactly what time I will want to go home!”

The Solution: Learn to use Captain’s DD’s “Flexible Pickup Time” solution.

Captain’s Designated Drivers has invested in the best technologies available to the designated driver industry, the most important of which may be our state-of-the-art Cloud based, APP based dispatch system that our drivers, dispatchers and customers all love because it allows for outstanding communication.

Because of this outstanding communication our dispatch system allows us to offer our customers “Flexible Pickup Times”.

If you learn how to use our Flexible Pickup Time option to your advantage you will get picked up when you want to get picked up and you won’t phone last minute only to be told there are no drivers available for you at a time convenient to you.


Here’s how the “Flexible Pickup Time” system works:

  1. Make your best estimate for the pickup time you think will be most probable.
  2. Phone 604-757-5900 and reserve your safe ride. Switchboard opens daily at 11AM.
  3. Anytime you decide you would like to be picked up earlier than your reserved time, PHONE YOUR DRIVER (see below).
  4. When you are drinking, you always know at least an hour ahead of time whether you will be ready to go home or want to stay longer.
  5. Set an alarm on your cell phone for one hour before your reserved pickup time.
  6. When your alarm goes off, check with other members of your party and if the decision is you would like to stay longer, PHONE YOUR DRIVER and request a later pickup time. To get your driver’s cell phone number, find the text message you received when your driver was assigned to you that looks like this:

captains designated driver flexible pickup times process


  1. If your driver can accommodate your pickup time change, you are done.
  2. If your driver cannot accommodate your pickup time request, your driver will phone the dispatcher and the dispatcher will phone you with your options.
  3. That’s just how easily you can adjust your pickup time to match how your evening is progressing using our “Flexible Pickup Time” system.


“Flexible Pickup Times” – perhaps Captain’s Designated Drivers biggest advantage.


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